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wrestlingfanfic's Journal

Wrestling Fan Fiction
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This is basically a place for all sorts of wrestling fan fiction. It can be any federation, any wrestler, anything. I personally prefer the dirtiest kind of slash you can write but please feel free to contribute anything. All I ask is when you post, you do it under a cut and above it, fill this out:

That's all. Very simple no? Just enjoy and have fun and please feel free to be as dirty as you want.

And as a helpful little guide:
Incase you don't know what that means, it's just basically who is involved. For example: Victoria/Steven Richards, Victoria/Other Male, Victoria/Other Female. Get it? You can use as many people per story as you want and they don't have to be wrestlers. You're welcome to use made up people as well. Just no actors or anything like that.

The Ratings
G - Recommended for all audiences. Contains nothing bad. This is preferably the category for children.
PG - Parental supervision required for younger viewers. Contains some slight language or violence.
PG-13 - Not recommended for under 13. Parents strongly cautioned. Contains more violence and foul language, and small sexual themes.
R - Not recommend for under 17. Parents strongly cautioned. Contains bad language, violence, some mature themes, and/or gore.
NC17 - Not recommended for under 17. Contains sexual themes not suitable for people under 17
X - Extreme sexual themes. More graphic than NC17


The Catergories
m/f = male/female
f/f = female/female (a 'slash' pairing)
m/m = male/male (a 'slash' pairing)
a/u = alternate universe
h/c = hurt/comfort
het = a pairing involving different genders
slash = a pairing involving the same gender
bdsm = adult themes of sexual acts (bondage, sado-masochism, etc)
self = self inflicting pain
rape = non-consensual activities
in = incest
mas = masturbation
three = three-some
orgy = more than 3 people per sex scene
other = anything not listed here (please list though incase it might be something that offends a reader.)

Any promotion of this community is great so if you want to help, just upload one of these pictures to your own server and link it back here. If you want to donate any buttons just make a post with them (behind a cut of course) and you will get credit. Please do anything you can to get this community up and going. Promote us anywhere you can.